About Us


CorePlus is a highly specialized anatomic pathology service laboratory dedicated to providing doctors with timely, accurate results enhancing the physicians' ability to rapidly diagnose and treat their patients.

CorePlus offers a variety of sophisticated techniques requiring precise analysis and evaluation. For this reason, we have a specialized medical team with expertise in the most advanced technologies.

CorePlus focuses on core biopsies, but our pathologists have broad clinical experience that allows them to recognize, evaluate and diagnose unusual findings. This is enhanced by our Laboratory's ability to support histopathologic evaluations with immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry and image analysis.

To make sample handling simple, CorePlus provides a complete specimen collection kit. In addition, CorePlus arranges all of the logistics of specimen transportation throughout the Americas.

Communication ... The CorePlus commitment


 CorePlus realizes that a key to good medicine is good communication, doctor to patient, and doctor to doctor.

Although we provide easy to interpret graphic reports, we realize that pathologic findings may raise new questions or require personal communication between the clinician and the pathologist. That is why the medical staff of CorePlus welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions.

A toll-free number and secure web site are available for an immediate response from your physician colleagues, our pathologists.

CorePlus has extensive expertise in the Americas and appreciates the special needs of physicians in these nations. CorePlus is committed to bringing its expertise to this broader market by offering a multilingual clerical and physician staff.

Speed, accuracy, convenience, and personal service...

Our Corporate Mission


 Our mission is to provide timely and meaningful pathology information based on the most up-to-date and accurate technologies and clinical procedures available, via the integration of a highly specialized team of professionals.

For our referring physicians - We are committed to communicating with you on an ongoing basis and are available immediately for personal consultations.

For our patients - To assist your doctor in obtaining accurate and timely diagnostic information in order to promote your physical and mental well-being.

For our employees - To maintain a work environment where the needs of the individual are met both professionally and personally. To create ongoing opportunities that challenge the individual and provide for career progression and development. 

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