Health Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness Month

February 2024
ribbons of different colors forming a circle for cancer awareness month

February reminds us of the need to continue efforts to raise awareness about cancer prevention and its impact on individuals and communities worldwide. Being February the Cancer Awareness Month, we join the goal of educating and empowering our patients to take proactive steps in prevention, early detection, and treatment.

Cancer remains a significant challenge for global health, affecting millions of lives each year. For this reason, CorePlus laboratories have been pioneers in diagnostic advancements in challenging diseases like cancer through the integration of digital pathology and artificial intelligence. 

This innovative approach allows for more accurate and timely diagnoses, especially in challenging cases like prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. The CorePlus team, comprised of pathologists and scientists, became the first in the United States and the Americas to implement AI-based digital pathology for primary diagnosis and develop 3D imaging protocols.

In essence, the designation of February as Cancer Awareness Month underscores the ongoing need for collective action in the fight against cancer and highlights the critical role of education, advocacy, and support in the lives of those affected by this disease.

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