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Validation and 3 years of clinical experience in using an AI algorithm as a second read system for prostate cancer diagnosis

Prostate cancer ranks as the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men in the USA, with significant mortality rates.
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CorePlus Expands Use of AI Tools to Routine Cancer Diagnosis

Back in June 2020, CorePlus Servicios Clínicos y Patológicos LLC (Carolina, Puerto Rico) became the first independent lab in the Americas to begin using AI-assisted pathology for prostate cancer diagnostics (see LE, October 2020).
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High risk HPV testing for cervical cancer screening in a Puerto Rican population

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the principal cause of cervical cancer and can cause up to six different types of cancer.
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Comparative analysis of onychomycosis in Puerto Rico using molecularand conventional approaches

Onychomycosis is responsible for 50% of all nail infections. It is the most frequent nail ailment in adults and is caused mainly by fungal organisms known as dermatophytes that recently have been categorized into seven main distinct genera.
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CorePlus Announces the Deployment of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for 100% QC of Pap Tests

CorePlus is the first laboratory in the world to operationalize the Techcyte AI algorithm.
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Using AI in Pathology to Benefit Patients w/ Mariano de Socarraz

Watch this amazing conversation between Aleksandra Zuraw and Mariano de Socarraz discussing the transformative story of CorePlus.
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Health Industry Summit 2024 by the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association

Mariano de Socarraz, founder and CEO of CorePlus, during the Health Industry Summit 2024 of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association. Image courtesy of Vocero PR.
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Unprecedented Patient Care: CorePlus Uses AI for 100% QC in Cervical Cytology

Insights into the shift from manual microscopy to digital diagnostics using Techcyte's AI platform.
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FoodSense+ Tests

Make sense of what you eat

FoodSense+ Test evaluates the immunological sensitivity that we may have to certain foods such as chicken, eggs, milk, meats, and others.
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