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A Global Leader in Precision Pathology and Laboratory Testing

The CorePlus team, comprised of pathologists and scientists, has become the first in the United States and the Americas to implement AI based on digital pathology for primary diagnosis, and they are developing 3D imaging protocols in a CLIA environment using the 3Deep Imager solution by Alpenglow.
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Precision, Speed, and Outstanding Customer Service

We believe that our commitment to our referring physicians, our patients, and our employees should guide all our decisions.

Pathologic findings often raise new questions or require personal communication between the clinician and the pathologist. That’s why our CorePlus physicians and staff welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.
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Our Vision

At CorePlus, we believe effective communication is the cornerstone of excellent healthcare. Our team of dedicated physicians and staff is committed to meeting your needs, ensuring seamless interactions between doctors and patients, as well as among healthcare professionals.

With extensive expertise in the Americas, CorePlus understands the unique requirements of physicians and patients in these regions. We aim to extend our proficiency to a broader market with a multilingual administrative and medical staff.

Our priorities: speed, accuracy, convenience, and personalized service.

A pathologist discussing with a colleague a digital scan on the monitor screen.

Our Mission

At CorePlus, our mission is to bring the latest advancements in medical technology and clinical procedures to evaluate, diagnose, and treat various medical conditions through the expertise of our highly specialized pathologists.

For our Referring Physicians

We place utmost importance on maintaining continuous communication with our physician partners and readily provide consultations to referring physicians.

For our Patients

We are dedicated to accompanying you throughout your healthcare journey by offering essential diagnostic information to improve both your physical and mental well-being.

For our Business’s Partners 

We are a support for companies, institutions, and health entities by providing clinical laboratory services to their employees to ensure the health of the team and their services to the community.

Our Corporate Values

Embracing Global Leadership in Medical Pathology and Laboratory Testing.

We are steadfast in our belief that our commitment to referring physicians, patients, and employees must underpin all our decision-making processes. 

We relentlessly seek out groundbreaking technologies that can provide medical breakthroughs for our valued physician partners and patients.

Our ultimate goal is to stand as the preeminent provider of precision pathology services in Puerto Rico and the Americas.

Medical Faculty

Get to know our excellent team of top class professionals.

Juan C. Santa Rosario, M.D. FCAP FASCP 

Chief Medical Officer

Dario E. Sanabria Bellassai, M.D. FCAP

Medical Director 

Diana Negrón, M.D. FCAP 

Clinical Laboratory Medical Director
Profile picture of Dr. María del Mar Rivera

María del Mar Rivera Rolón, M.D., FCAP

Director of Cytopathology
Profile picture of Dr. Erik Alan Gustafson

Erik Alan Gustafson, Ph.D. 

VP Clinical Services

Lumarie Rivera López, M.D. FCAP FASCP

Profile picture of Dr. Edgardo R. Parrilla

Edgardo R. Parrilla Castellar, M.D. Ph.D. 

Molecular Genetic Pathologist
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