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Services for Healthcare Professionals

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We place utmost importance on maintaining continuous communication with our physician partners and readily provide consultations to referring physicians.
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Empower your medical practice with specialized Pathology Services, offering advanced diagnostics and treatment insights for conditions including tumors, skin infections, nerve disorders, and beyond.

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Specialized tests address various health concerns, including women’s health and other medical areas.

Artificial Intelligence

Cutting-edge AI lab tests aid in diagnosing challenging illnesses and conditions.

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FNA Biopsies

CorePlus excels in advanced FNA biopsies for identifying complex malignant and benign conditions. Our skilled doctors ensure patient comfort and thorough procedures.

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Our comprehensive clinical laboratory service employs advanced methods for diagnosing diverse clinical samples.

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Wellness testing is a valuable tool for healthcare providers to enhance patient well-being and prioritize preventive care. Blood tests unveil critical health indicators, aiding in tailored treatment plans. Consistent wellness testing also contributes to an elevated standard of patient care.

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The essential role that the right diet plays in our health and well-being is undisputed. But the manner in which certain foods affect the body is highly personal. The FoodSense+ test is the first important step toward tracking down a possible food sensitivity.

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Urine Drug Testing+

Employing state-of-the-art equipment for testing substances in urine samples, setting us apart in accuracy and reliability.

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Elder Plus brings the service to your nursing home. We offer reliable daily tests through CorePlus Clinical+, with quality results, quick answers, and fair prices.

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