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Accompanying you throughout your healthcare journey

We are dedicated to accompanying you throughout your healthcare journey by offering essential diagnostic information to improve both your physical and mental well-being.
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Pathology Services for diagnosing and treating tumors, skin infections, nerve conditions, and more.

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Special tests for different health issues, like checking for problems in women’s health or other areas.

Artificial Intelligence

State-of-the-art AI lab tests to help find difficult illnesses and conditions.

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CorePlus performs advanced FNA biopsy procedures to detect complex malignant and benign conditions. 

Our doctors are skilled in cutting-edge FNA biopsy techniques, ensuring a comfortable and thorough procedure for our patients. 

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Advanced testing methods are used to diagnose a wide range of clinical samples in a thorough clinical laboratory service.

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Wellness testing helps you take charge of your health and prevent issues. Blood tests uncover hidden health factors and guide your recovery. Regular Welness testing can also help boost one’s overall quality of life.

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The essential role that the right diet plays in our health and well-being is undisputed. But the manner in which certain foods affect the body is highly personal. The FoodSense+ test is the first important step toward tracking down possible food sensitivity.

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Urine Drug Testing+

Employing state-of-the-art equipment for testing substances in urine samples, setting us apart in accuracy and reliability.

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Infectious Disease

Experience a diverse array of precision-driven laboratory tests meticulously designed to detect a wide range of infectious diseases with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

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At CorePlus, we’re experts in molecular testing. We use advanced technology to study your genetic makeup and help diagnose and monitor illnesses accurately.

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