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CorePlus partners with Alpenglow Biosciences and positions itself as a leader in the new era of 3D pathology

Alpenglow Biosciences

The innovation will enable pathologists to improve accuracy in diagnosing prostate cancer.

Carolina, Puerto Rico– CorePlus, leaders in precision pathology in Puerto Rico, has announced the partnership with Alpenglow Biosciences, for the development and implementation of 3D technology enabled with artificial intelligence (AI).

Through this collaboration, CorePlus will use 3D images of prostate biopsies to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) models and recognize key tissue structures, such as cancer cells, immune cells and blood vessels. The alliance between both companies included a $1.6 million grant to develop smart microscopy enabled with artificial intelligence and a 3D database of prostate cancer biopsies.

“As a team we feel committed to advancing the transformation in pathology to incorporate 3D technology taking into account the inclusion of Hispanics and minimizing racial bias in the development of algorithms in the use of Artificial Intelligence and its application in the pathology of precision,” said Mariano de Socarraz, founder and CEO of CorePlus. CorePlus was the first laboratory in the Americas to implement AI in prostate cancer.

This work will be supervised and directed by Dr. Juan Carlos Santa Rosario, chief medical officer of CorePlus. “Our collaboration with Alpenglow Biosciences to further develop rapid, high-throughput AI-enabled 3D imaging of whole cancer biopsies will provide pathologists with unprecedented tools to improve accuracy in cancer diagnosis,” he added.

3D imaging generates much more data than traditional slide-based techniques by digitizing entire biopsy samples rather than a single slice. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are crucial to help quantify biomarkers of interest and identify areas for further review by the pathologist. The grant aims to automate the selection of regions of interest in a tissue that warrant additional investigation and could eventually be useful for diagnosis or predicting response to new therapies. Currently, Alpenglow’s 3Di platform is available for research only.

“The future of pathology is 3D. We continue to develop our technology by incorporating the latest advances in AI and support the growth of Washington’s innovation ecosystem enabled by programs like the Andy Hill CARE grant,” Reder said. “Alpenglow is about to break the outdated glass slide paradigm of pathology and usher in 3D spatial biology.”

Grant goals include developing a 3D database of prostate biopsies, automating the segmentation and quantification of key structures such as cancer cells and blood vessels, and developing smart microscopy techniques for automated detection of regions of interest. through edge computing powered by NVIDIA, a leading platform in the development of medical devices that will enable AI edge computing in 3Di. Alpenglow will also use the NVIDIA IGX industrial-grade AI hardware platform to run 3Di.

“We are excited to continue leading the field of 3D spatial biology and developing smart microscopy solutions to address cancer with this latest award,” said Dr. Nicholas Reder, MD, MPH and CEO of Alpenglow Biosciences.

About Alpenglow Biosciences:

Alpenglow Biosciences is a venture capital-backed company focused on accelerating drug development and improving clinical diagnostics with AI-enabled 3D imaging technology. Its 3D spatial biology platform solution provides new spatial biology insights with greater precision through non-destructive digitization of whole tissues. Alpenglow partners with pharmaceutical companies to bring better treatments to market faster through greater understanding of mechanism of action, efficacy and toxicology, and enrolling patients in trials using its proprietary platform. Five of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies are already working with Alpenglow to accelerate development timelines, save costs, gain new insights and improve therapeutic success. More information at

About CorePlus:

CorePlus is a high complexity CLIA certified laboratory with facilities in Carolina and Ponce, Puerto Rico. The CorePlus team, confirmed by pathologists and scientists, became the first in the United States and the Americas to implement AI based on digital pathology for primary diagnosis and are developing 3D imaging protocols in a CLIA environment using the 3Deep Imager solution from Alpenglow. More information visit

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